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Slenderverse/Proxy OC: Donovan Monroe :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 6 0 Slender OC: Mindbenderman :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 16 15 Drown :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 9 0 Eye See You :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 1 0 Jenny the Killer (Joke OC) :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 12 0 Mistress Age Chart :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 10 0 Wall Shadow :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 7 5
The Arachnid Mistress Proxy Guide
Hello, I am the head proxy of The Arachnid Mistress. You may call me ‘The Vampire Moth’ until we are better acquainted. If you are currently reading this, then you must have been chosen by the Mistress to become one of us, another one of her capable proxies. ...Or you're just a curious idiot with a death wish. For now, I'll assume you have actually been chosen and I shall be your guide on my lady and why you are involved in this endeavor. Let’s begin.
The Choosing
You have been chosen solely by the expectations of the Mistress. You must be very loyal, honest, and hardworking in order to gain her attention. Either that or you possess certain skills that are seen as valuable to her. These skills include but are not limited to, enhanced speed, great strength, and/or you are highly stealthy. Each of this skills will come in handy, so if you do not have any of these traits, I suggest you learn. Quickly. It is also advised you lik
:iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 1 0
Messenger and Masked Hunter :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 11 3 Fusion- Watermelon Tourmaline :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 6 4 Now I Own You :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 5 0 Creepy Crawlies :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 4 7 Rorschach :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 5 1 Slenderverse/Mistress Proxy OC: The Vampire Moth :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 10 25 Gemsona Day 22- 25 :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 6 2 Gemsona Challenge Day 21: Monster Gem :iconmasterofmacabre:MasterofMacabre 1 0

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Slendy Doodles :iconexpression:Expression 391 93 The plan has changed ! :iconparadoxoid:Paradoxoid 1,166 191
Fairy Tail x Male!Reader part 1
A/n: my next story after this fanfic will be a Fem!Reader so ladies don't worry.
(Y/n) = Your name
(T/n) = Titan name
(H/c) = Hair color
(E/c) = Eye color
(F/c) = Favorite color
Your POV:
"Why is it so damn hot?! This is ridiculous!!" I exclaimed as I ventured through the town of Magnolia. It's a very nice place but I'm much more used to the cold. My name is (Y/n) (L/n) and I am a mage with an..... irregular type of magic. It's a Lost Magic that was actually thought to be extinct; Titan Slayer magic. You may be saying now 'I've never EVER heard of such a magic' well that's because all of the Titans left without any trace of their existence other than the children that inherited their powers. However over time all of those children disappeared from the face of the Earth just like the Titans did. I'm the last one remaining because my Titan father hid me away from the evil in his brethren, but that's a story for a later date. I finally reached my destination after another 30 minutes of wa
:icontherubyking:TheRubyKing 150 41
Mystery Skulls - This Time I Might Just Disappear :iconnekomellow:NekoMellow 473 31
Creating Interactions Between Creepypasta OC's
Creating Interactions between Creepypasta OC's
Hello to all you out there in the creepypasta community! In this continuation of my guides on pasta creation, we’ll be talking about making your own fancanon for both official characters and your own OC’s. Or your own pastaverse, as it were. Basically, I’ve noticed that a lot of people create a good OC that may even have a good story. Problems occur, however, when the topic of how their own characters fit in with the other pastas they interact with comes up.
First off, I should mention that a lot of people, particularly many traditionalists, dislike the idea of their OC’s existing in the same “universe” as other pastas. There is some truth to this because there’s nothing wrong with making your creepypastas have their own personal existence like this, in a world where they are the only monsters out there. However, you can still have a good story if your OCs end up interacting with other people
:iconkomradapex:KomradApex 107 190
Mystery Skulls - Ghost - Arthur :iconshikoire:Shikoire 1,162 57 Bad little Arthur :iconanna-chama:Anna-chama 23 6
Creating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for Dummies
Creating a Non-Human Creepypasta OC for Dummies
Alright, we’re back for round two on making a pasta OC. In my initial guide (which you can read in the link below) I tried to provide the foundations for making a good pasta OC. Assuming that the foundations to the building were for a house so your pastas had someplace nice to live in, let’s add a backyard pool and a second floor to that house. By which I mean let’s talk about an important aspect of making characters interesting as well as making interesting characters: non-human OCs. Since “non-human” is a pretty broad term, we’ll divide it into three common divisions for creepypastas: daemons, spirits/ghosts, and monsters.
Daemons are my personal preference in that literally every single one of my OCs is at least partially daemonic, but this is more due to the universe I built for my stories than laziness…I hope. Why daemons? Simple: Hell is the ultimate scare in that a lot of people, myself in
:iconkomradapex:KomradApex 126 237
CPOCFD: Common Creepypasta Cliches
Hello everyone with another chapter of Creepypasta OC For Dummies!
Today, I'll list the most common cliches in the making or writing of Creepypasta OCs.
And I quote from ShackleSoul from his wonderful How to Avoid Making Your Creepypasta OC a Mary Sue:
"What is a Mary Sue? Different people seem to have different definitions but there is one in particular I am familiar with, and the one most often found in creepypasta Mary Sues. This is the type that is basically the author, only cooler, sexier, and always quick with a bad punchline when they kill someone, with more friends than the author does but still oh so tragic and misunderstood. They probably have cat ears and maybe a mask. And they are always way, way overpowered. Oh, and all the male creepypastas are in love with them. You know the type of character I’m talking about.
Now, not every character that has just a few of these traits is a Mary Sue. So don’t
:iconinvaderika:InvaderIka 168 172
Creepypasta Cliches and common mistakes
Hello, fellow Creepypasta writers and artists. With this little literature submission I would like to talk about the many mistakes you can do in a creepypasta. Mistakes and clichés that annoy me personally and make the pasta unoriginal and boring to read and you want to send a shiver down your victim's backs, correct?
The original submission was made to
But I decided to upload a copy to DeviantART since a lot of people here write creepypasta as well and I only want to be an aid.
Anyway, I will now begin with what are generally considered to be overused clichés. That doesn't mean to avoid them at all costs; in fact, some of these are overused because they are highly usable. But if the story you're planning on writing incorporates many of these, that should be a warning sign, as they tend to bring the reader out of the story, and will more than likely interfere with their suspension of disbelief.
General Clichés.
- The true
:iconterracybercop:TerraCybercop 30 27
Mature content
beanie art trade :iconknockoutsfemme:knockoutsfemme 2 4
Creating a Passive Creepypasta OC
Creating a Passive Creepypasta OC
What words strike fear into the hearts of readers? If I may quote Patrick Star, “He’s just standing there! Menacingly!” Think about it. You never see Slenderman ripping people’s heads off, and you don’t know what he does with the children he takes, but it’s precisely because of his dull disinterest with the world around him that he’s made scary. Slenderman wouldn’t be nearly as well-known if he just ran around stabbing people like a certain other famous pasta. Nothing against Jeff, but subtlety is not his forte. In keeping with this theme, in today’s Pasta for Dummies article I’ll be getting into how to make a careless, quasi-submissive pasta who can inspire terror without even needing to lift a measly finger. Sounds cool, no?
First off, while it’s not on the required reading list, I highly recommend you read up on :iconoratortormented:’s Rainmen as an example of what I
:iconkomradapex:KomradApex 45 39
Art Trade: Beanie :iconblacknight333:Blacknight333 6 8 Beanie! Art Trade~ :icondemonic-trash:Demonic-Trash 7 1
Kittens (Slenderman x Reader)
A/N: Reader's gender not specified.
You snuck through the manor with Splendor close behind, struggling not to make a sound. Splendor couldn't help but laugh every few seconds, and you had to keep shushing him.
“Dude, quiet!” you hissed between your teeth. “We can't get caught.”
“Sorry, (y/n),” he giggled. “I can't help it, they're tickling me!”
You sighed and glanced at the three kittens that he held close to his chest. Another two were sitting in your arms, one of which was sound asleep. The other was looking around quietly.
“Well, come on. We've gotta get through before Slender catches us. And for the love of all things holy, try to be quiet.”
So the two of you continued through the darkened halls of the Slender mansion, ducking into the shadows whenever anyone got close. Jeff was the only one who spotted you, and he only rolled his wide eyes when he saw the balls of fluff. You managed to get to the hallway where Sple
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 186 51


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I'm a 16-year old douche bag, but I'm still probably one of the nicest assholes you will ever me(Unless you piss me off). I love horror, Steven Universe, Undertale, Creepypasta, Slenderverse, and much more! (I'm a lazy fuck too, so maybe slow submissions -.-')

Have fun I guess...? ┬┴┬┴┤0ω0)ノ├┬┴┬┴

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